Pertemis One-Shots - Chapter 14 - TheSonofTartarus - Percy Jackson and the Olympians (2024)

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Third PoV

Percy had been assigned a new job: pleasure the hunters of Artemis and her lady however they choose. Also, to protect Artemis.

Percy, the remaining hunters, and Artemis were sent to a large house off the coast of Starbuck Island. On arrival, Zoe and Phoebe dragged Percy into one of the rooms, locking the door behind her.

"Percy, strip, and take our clothes off too. I'm horny." Zoe declared. Percy, dumbfounded, stripped to his boxers and walked toward Thalia. She tackled him onto the bed and straddled his waist.

When Percy did nothing, Zoe sighed and got off him. Phoebe coughed. "Clearly, we need to motivate him." The two hunters stripped to their bare skin and started a match of tonsil tennis.

Zoe, atop Phoebe on the bed, ordered, "Percy, start fingering us." Percy shoved his middle fingers into the two, causing them to gasp loudly. Phoebe pulled his finger out and started humping his face, while Zoe started humping Phoebe's face.

Meanwhile, in the main area, Thalia turned to Artemis. "Well, guess I'll have to wait my turn, unless you wanna?"

Artemis shook her head vigorously, shocked by her lieutenant's words. Thalia pulled a power cancelling bracelet from her pocket and surged toward Artemis. She clipped the bracelet on the goddess's wrist, which then turned invisible, then pulled Artemis into the next room, closing the door behind her.

Thalia grabbed some handcuffs and cuffed Artemis's limbs to the four bedposts. "Thalia, what are you doing? I said n-" Thalia shoved a gag in Artemis's mouth. She kissed down her neck, then bit down hard. Artemis screamed into the gag, feeling her lieutenant's teeth sink into her skin and draw ichor. Thalia then tore off the goddess's clothes, removing her own as well.

Thalia left hickies all across Artemis's torso, though not on her breasts. Thalia would slap Artemis if she ever screamed. Thalia then pinched Artemis's nipples, hard.

Artemis's back arched as she tried to shake off Thalia. The lieutenant then took Artemis's left breast into her mouth, biting her nipple so hard ichor was drawn. Artemis screamed loudly into the gag.

Thalia slid down so she was facing Artemis's puss*. Artemis thrashed, hoping Thalia wouldn't do anything. Thalia crawled back up. "I'll make you a deal, Artemis. You don't say anything to Percy, and I don't do anything to your puss*," Artemis nodded furiously. Thalia grinned and took out Artemis's gag, then sat on her face. "Eat." Artemis timidly complied, sticking her tongue into the tight space. Thalia sighed. "You have no idea how to do this." She began humping Artemis's face.

After Thalia had cum, she climbed off Artemis and uncuffed her, then left.

Artemis scrambled to the bathroom, vigorously scrubbing herself. After she had dried off, she found another set of clothes. She stepped back out to the living room and saw Thalia going at it with Zoe and Phoebe on the couch. She also saw Percy awkwardly trying to leave without alerting the three.

Percy managed an escape to the kitchen, where he ran into Artemis. "Uh, hi, Artemis."

"H-hey, Percy," Artemis stuttered.

Percy squinted. "Looks like you've got a cut on your neck, Artemis." Percy motioned for her to follow him. Artemis followed Percy to the First Aid room. Percy grabbed Artemis's waist and pulled her close. Artemis yelped. "Don't worry, Artemis. I'm not gonna hurt you or anything."

Percy held a flashlight to the bite mark. "Huh, looks like someone bit you. That's weird." He grabbed a bottle of antibacterial spray. "This'll only sting a bit." Percy squirted it onto the bite a couple of times, then wiped away the excess. He bandaged it then kissed her temple.

"That should be fine now," Percy said.

Artemis nodded. "Thanks, Percy." His arm was still around her waist when he noticed a red mark on the other side of her neck. Percy grabbed an ice pack and gently held it against the spot. "I can ice it myself, Percy."

"I know," Percy answered.

Percy moved them to his room, leaving the door cracked open just a bit as he sat down on his bed and leaned against the pillows.

"Percy, I have my own room, I can ice it there."

"I know," Percy repeated.

"Then why?" Artemis asked.

"Because your presence is calming, and I wanna make sure nothing else happens to you," Percy responded. Artemis covered the hand around her waist with both of hers and rested her head against his chest, closing her eyes. Percy rested his chin atop her head.

A while later, Artemis's eyes cracked open, waking up from her nap. She heard Percy snoring softly and looked up. Artemis leaned up and kissed his cheek. Percy blinked a few times then looked down at Artemis. "Hey. Did you sleep well?" Artemis nodded.

Percy sat up and stretched his neck. "It's about seven. You hungry?"

Artemis nodded again. "Can we have Mac-N-Cheese?" Percy smiled and nodded as he stood up, his arm still around Artemis's waist. His arm dropped to her side as he took her hand.

Artemis sat at the table and watched as Percy moved gracefully about the kitchen. He set down a bowl of silver Mac-N-Cheese in front of Artemis, and a bowl of blue MacN-Cheese next to it. Percy took a seat next to Artemis and they both dug into the food.

Afterwards, Percy set the dishes in the sink and they walked back to Percy's room. "I'm'na pop over to the gym for a while," he kissed her temple and whistled as he headed toward the gym.

As he turned the corner, the other three girls dragged Artemis to one of their rooms. Artemis was cuffed to the bedposts once again, her clothes torn off. "You're clearly his favourite, Artemis. We've gotta prepare you for sex!" Thalia exclaimed. Phoebe sat on Artemis's face to muffle any screams, while Zoe stood to watch in the hall. Thalia beat upon Artemis for a solid 5 minutes, leaving bruises all over her. She then bit both the goddess's nipples to the point of drawing blood. Thalia also bit the unmarked side of Artemis's neck, drawing more ichor.

The lieutenant then slipped down and was about to shove a dild* into the goddess when Zoe burst through the door. "He's packing up the equipment, ETA 5 min!"

They uncuffed Artemis and scrambled up to the library. Artemis, naked, stumbled back to Percy's room, curling up on the bed.

A minute later, Percy walked in. He locked the door behind him and walked over, gently placing a hand on her shoulder. "Artemis, could you unfurl from a ball for a minute?" Artemis poked her head out, tears streaming from her face. Percy got her to straighten out and saw the damage done. He carefully carried her to the bathroom and set her in the tub with warm water. "Go ahead and clean up. I'm dirty, so I'll hit the showers."

After Percy had finished his shower, he changed into his pyjamas (blue t-shirt and blue/black flannel pants). Percy walked over to Artemis, who had slipped on bottoms, and was about to put a bra on.

Percy caught her hand. "Wait. You're injured." He laid Artemis on the bed and grabbed a First-Aid kit. He gently cleaned and bandaged Artemis's nipple wounds, then slipped her bra on. Percy repeated the process with the other bite mark on her neck. Artemis slipped a shirt over her head and thanked Percy.

Percy sat down on the bed next to Artemis and cupped her cheek, brushing a tear away with her thumb. "Who's been doing this to you?"

"T-the ot-ther g-girls," Artemis stammered.

Percy kissed her forehead. "You should've told me when it first happened. I'm supposed to protect you, and I can't do that unless I know these things, okay?" Artemis nodded and sniffed, holding his other hand in hers.

Artemis looked down and pressed the wrist with the bracelet to his hand. "Thalia cuffed me. It stops me from using my powers." Percy nodded and grabbed a zip tie like band, wrapping it around the cuff. It melted the cuff off, then moved to the trash can.

Percy kissed her cheek. "Don't be mad at me for this," he murmured before kissing her softly on the lips. Artemis's hands went to Percy's, on her face. They slid down his arms so she was just gripping his arms as they kissed.

Artemis pulled away, gasping for breath. Percy sat back on the bed, Artemis resting atop him. "That was amazing," Artemis breathed. Percy smiled and laid down. Artemis snuggled into Percy as she drifted off.

Artemis awoke the next morning and yawned quietly. Percy groaned and sat up, stretching. He leaned down and kissed Artemis's nose. "Good morning, Arty."

Artemis smiled as she spoke. "You drool in your sleep, Percy." Artemis grabbed a tissue and wiped the drool from his chin. After she disposed of the tissue, Percy kissed up her arm to her cheek. Artemis blushed lightly and leaned into him.

Percy then lifted Artemis's chin slightly. "May I change your bandages now?" Artemis nodded and Percy leaned her back on his chest. Percy replaced the bandages on her neck, and Artemis turned to face Percy. "Are your bruises better now?" Artemis nodded, not meeting Percy's eyes.

Percy kissed her softly, Artemis's shirt riding up as his hands glided up her body. Artemis began to pull away. "Percy, I don't want to-"

"I know," Percy interrupted. He tugged the shirt over her head, setting it on the nightstand. He gently pushed her down on her back, then kissed the bruises marking her skin. Every single one. "Artemis, I love you. You have nothing to fear from me, and you can tell me anything." Percy handed Artemis back her shirt, but she pushed it away.

Artemis hugged him tightly, her arms around his neck. "I love you too, Percy. But I know you have to be with them too."

"No I don't," Percy whispered. "Nothing ever said anything bad would happen if I didn't complete this job. It used to be if I didn't do something, we would lose a war, and thousands would die. Now? Now nobody can say anything, because I've already saved their asses twice."

Percy then leaned down and kissed Artemis's stomach. "And I can finally be happy. Maybe even have kids of my own."

"Our own," Artemis mumbled. Percy smiled and kissed Artemis again.

"I have a house in Montauk. We can stay there if you like," Percy said. Artemis slipped her shirt on and sat up.

"That sounds great, but breakfast first, right?" Percy chuckled and followed Artemis out the door.

Percy grabbed some cereal and a couple of bowls, then they dug in. Percy put the bowls in the sink and turned to see Artemis watching something on the news. He walked up behind her and put his hands at her waist. Artemis yelped, then turned around and slapped his shoulder playfully.

Percy smiled and pecked her on the cheek. In response to this, Artemis grabbed his face and kissed him. As they kissed, Artemis flashed them to Percy's Montauk house. When they pulled away for breath, Percy showed her around.

"It's more of a cabin, really. There're two bedrooms and bathrooms, a kitchen, and a living area with a TV," Percy said. Artemis nodded, and Percy pulled some ambrosia out of a drawer. "You should probably eat this, to heal faster." Artemis ate it and smiled as her bruises faded away.

Percy removed the bandages from her neck to see no bite-marks. Artemis pulled Percy to one of the bedrooms and kissed him. Percy asked, "So, Artemis, if you were to get a ring, you wouldn't want it to be all bedazzled, right?"

Artemis nodded. "Yeah, why?"

"Oh, no reason," Percy lied.

6 Months Later

Percy and Artemis were walking on the beach when Percy squeezed her hand and kissed her temple. He pointed out to sea. Artemis watched in awe as the water rose up, forming the words 'Will You Marry Me?'

Artemis turned to Percy and saw him on one knee, holding out a silver ring infused a blue sapphire. "Of course, Percy," She whispered.

Percy stood up and slipped the ring on her finger, then kissed her softly on the lips.

After dinner, Percy pulled her into a long kiss. Artemis wrapped around him as they stumbled back to the bedroom.

Percy awoke the next morning with
Artemis in his arms, the both of them naked. Artemis woke and blushed deeply as the previous night's events came back to her. "Last night was rather...pleasurable," Artemis commented. "Unfortunately, it had to end."

Percy smirked. "We could always continue, love." Artemis nodded, eager to continue.

Pertemis One-Shots - Chapter 14 - TheSonofTartarus - Percy Jackson and the Olympians (2024)


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