Canada's 50 biggest private companies (2024)

Companies that do not issue publicly traded shares in Canada are a huge part of the economy. Many are subsidiaries of multinationals, or are family-owned or co-ops. We rank them by revenue, the one significant financial measure they all disclose.

View more rankings: Top 1000, revenue and market cap, andreturn on equity.

For professionals, a more comprehensive and complete database of Canadian corporate information is available for purchase in the Globe Data Store. We have improved on what we have offered in previous years in two separate packages based on whether your needs are research or sales prospecting. Find in-depth financial and contact information, total compensation for every CEO on the Top 1000 and more.

Notes: For ranking purposes, figures from companies that report in foreign currencies have been converted to Canadian dollars and partial-year results have been annualized. Foreign currencies are converted at the end of the relevant fiscal period for balance sheet items and at the average exchange rate for the relevant period for earnings items. Footnotes: 1. Company reports in U.S. dollars. 3. Figures have been annualized in latest year. Abbreviations: n/a = not available, n/m = not meaningful.

Canada's 50 biggest private companies (2024)


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