Amazing Pertemis stories - Isabella-Jackson (2024)

  • Percy Son Of Selene Champion Of Helios (PJO/HOO)

    45.5K 609 6

    So in this story Perseus 'Percy' Solaris Lune (Perseus 'Percy' Jackson) is a Demigod of Selene and champion of Helios and the Titan council (Krios, Koios, Oceanus, Rhea, Phoebe, Iapetus, Atlas, Leto, Eos, Pallas, Perses, Coeus, Theia, Crius, Themis, Hyprion and Metis.)


  • Pertemis Story #Wattys2015 HIATUS

    81.1K 1.3K 10

    I know that Pertemis is over used, but I absolutely love it! This doesn't have Chaos in it, because I think that it ruins a good story. The chapters may not be long, but I will not waste too much time in authors notes. Yeah, I will update probably more than once in two weeks, once every two or three days if you're...


  • Guardian Of Artemis-Percy Jackson Betrayal || #Wattys2016

    444K 6.3K 24

    -Entered for Wattys2016- Perseus Jackson. Betrayed, disowned, and banished. All because of a fake romance, a deadly cousin, and gullible friends. Percy is banished from camp and disowned by Poseidon. Hurt, the young godling swears off of love forever. He means to attempt moving in with his mother, but finds out an awf...

  • Betrayal*on Hold*

    111K 2.5K 18

    a chaos pertemis story


  • The Moon's Guardian(Chapters do not line up)(Cancelled)

    131K 3.1K 23

    OLD STORY CHECK 'The Moon's Guardian (2018)' FOR THE NEW STORY! Perseus Jackson, son of Poseidon. two time savior of Olympus. Defeater of Kronos, survivor of Tartarus. After the War with Gaea, Percy goes back to his normal (well as normal as it can be) life. Graduating highschool, training, running the camp in the P...

    Completed Mature

  • Controversy

    151K 3.8K 21

    Percy Jackson, or Kynigós, is having a very weird and sort of depressing life. So, it starts as another Demigod comes upon Half-Blood Hill. Who knew this kid would change his life so much? His name was Andrew Preston. His life was great. - No more wars - He was with his beloved girlfriend Annabeth Chase - Happy life ...

  • Pertemis and Pothena

    43.3K 665 6

    This is a small story, but I don't know how short it will be. I really don't know how to describe it, so read and find out! Oh, and it's really only rated Mature because I'm not sure what is and what isn't Mature. Okay, I'm done. CUT!!!!

    Completed Mature

  • Percy joins the hunt

    177K 2.9K 14


    545K 5.9K 24

    Percy, betrayed by who he thought was his soul mate, takes a daring act and swears himself by the oldest Primordial. Now, he has to deal with the consequences, both good and bad. Eventually Percy/Artemis. All credit goes to starblade176 (the original author of this story) and Rick Riordan.


  • The Godess And The Guardian

    515K 5.9K 37

    This is a Percy Jackson fanfic I do not own any of the characters unless I made them up. Read to find out what it's about cause I'm too lazy to type it out lolz.


  • A new God no percabeth

    28.1K 696 11

    Percy is betrayed by camp and goes to Olympus for death. When Zeus was about to throw his bolt Poseidon blurts out something that changes Percy Jackson's life.


  • Hunting for the MoonTide

    104K 2.2K 11

    When Percy Jackson is dumped by Annabeth, and he treks to Olympus to ask the Gods to fulfil his last wish, they give him an unexpected offer, with some unwanted twists. Pertemis Currently under reconstruction as of 22nd June 2018.

  • Falling For The Moon

    118K 1.4K 9

    After Annabeth leaves Percy for a mortal he has no reason left not to become a god. when he becomes a god he is assigned to be guardian of the hunt. No one is happy about this arrangement. But it isn't to soon until Thalia is wounded in battle. Percy desperate to find a cure suddenly disappears. What will Percy encoun...

  • Percy Jackson, and the elemental Dragon

    200K 3.4K 19

    Percy Jackson savior of Olympus Slayer of Kronos,Gaia etc. is betrayed for his brother Matt not able to take the grief of the betrayal he leaves camp to hear some sort of laughter not able to ignore it he see's the worst thing possible.Percy see's something that makes him snap he see's annabeth and matt kissing while...


  • Percy Jackson: Son of Chaos and Guardian of the Hunt

    52.4K 762 7

    Annabeth cheats on percy with his half brother Nathan. Heartbroken he runs away from camp and goes to his moms place seeking comfort. Unable to go back and face the pain brought upon him he tries to live his life outside of camp. Though it is not as easy as you think. After a while he disappears from the face of the...

  • The Gaurdian: When Seagreen Flames Meet Silver.

    82K 1.1K 6

    When Percy finds Annabeth having a serious toung battle with Jason, he runs away to die. But what if death wasn't an option? With his life shattered like glass and his heart thats crumbling, can Percy survive a group of man hating teenage girls?


  • Percy Jackson and the hunt

    100K 1.6K 10

    after annabeth cheats on percy he goes to the gods asking for death but becomes a part of the hunt instead

  • Percy Jackson; The Guardian of the Hunt (Discontinued until Later Date)

    50.2K 885 8

    Percy Jackson is betrayed by all of the people he loved. After a month of being ignored he went to Olympus with one wish, and that wish was to die. But the Olympians denied him the wish. And they asked him to become the guardian of the hunt....

  • One and only...

    580K 7.6K 49

    Broken. Betrayed. Dead. All these thing describe the savior of Olympus All thanks to the two new campers, Mandy Bolen daughter of Ares and Justin Mco*ke son of Aphrodite Friends. Stolen. Campers. Scarred me. Parents. Killed. Annabeth hurt the most. I loved her. Yes I said loved. I have someone new, even after she cam...


  • The hunters of percy

    47.1K 373 4

    Artemis and the hunters have been kidnapped, being tortured and raped causing them to break there vow as lone hero tries to save them. can Percy make it in time and if not what will the most loyal man do to ensure that these girls don't lose the only home they have ever loved and in the processed what will the new dyn...


  • Son to Chaos

    11.4K 217 11

    The son of Chaos is on a mission to save the Greeks/Roman Gods/Goddess from the his brother Tartarus and his sister Gaea.Will he succeed or will he fail and die. Read this story and find out. He was Greek then Roman, then betrayed by the Greeks and the Romans protected him but the Greek Olympian council decided if t...

  • Perseus Lover of Artemis

    89.5K 1.2K 8

    All characters are from Rick Riordan percy jackson books. Please read and comment this is my first story!!!

  • The Story Of An Everlasting Love: Pertemis

    2K 54 5

  • Betrayal of all; Percy Jackson

    180K 3.2K 12


  • Pertemis: I hate you but I'm still into you

    7K 162 3

    Hi, this is a continuation of Fiction_4444's story, with the same title, so read that first. But here is the summary: Percy has been cheated on and has he heart stomped on. He runs away to the woods were he saves one of the hunters. Artemis grants him a favor not being killed by his hunters for being a male. Also Zeu...

  • Pertemis

    1.7K 34 1

    u know the best ship in the world

  • The sucky life of a Immortal (pertemis)

    17.7K 308 9

    Percy catches Annabeth cheating on him do he curses her so she can't go on a ship or any vehicle pm water proto into the sea without dying or getting fatally harmed . Percy then gets blasted to tartarus literally where kronos and the other Titans he defeated come and turn him immortal and torture till they realize he...

  • Percy Jackson Betrayed (Pertemis)

    340K 3.6K 23

    Pain Betrayed Heartbroken That is all the great hero Percy Jackson felt after the camp betrayed him for his new brother Nathan. Percy runs away only to be found by the hunt. All rights got Rick Riordan


  • Amazing Pertemis stories - Isabella-Jackson (2024)


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